About the Orthodox Church in America

The Orthodox Church is the Church which has existed continuously in the Middle East and Greece from the time of the Apostles. It is the faith of the majority of Christians in the Middle East, Greece, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Albania, Ukraine, Georgia and Bulgaria. With the exception of Rome, the local Churches mentioned in the New Testament which have existed continuously until today, such as Corinth, Thessaloniki, Damascus, etc., are Orthodox. The Orthodox Church in America is the continuation of the first Orthodox mission to North America, begun in Alaska in 1794 by St. Herman and other Russian monks.

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About Saint Catherine Mission 

In October of 2017 a group of Orthodox families met to discuss forming an Orthodox mission in Columbus, Mississippi. In early Spring of 2018 Archbishop Alexander blessed the Mission to officially form. We were then blessed in finding a building to buy at a very low cost. This allowed us to move quickly through re roofing the building and minor renovations and updates to the building. We have continued to grow over the last three years, having over a dozen catechumen and been served by many priests.  

 Though the prayers of Saint Catherine, Lord have mercy on us!